2016 Season Registration

Online registration for the 2017 season is now available! FCYB is a free activity but we request that all members be registered and send us a waiver. Click here to register!

About Us

Dave Graham started the Fort Collins Youth Battle Gamers in April of 2010 at the request of his son Will (11 at the time) who wished to gather a group of young people to play battle games.  The group has also been used by Dave’s business Battle Game Sports and Hobbies to play test various battle games for publication.
The focus age for FCYBG has been middle school ages 11 to 14. Players may continue playing with FCYBG through age 17.  All recruiting is done in this age bracket.  There has been by special arrangement the inclusion of some younger and older players.

So the entire range of players is between 10 and 17 with the majority between 11 and 14.  All players must register and organizers reserve the right to accept or reject any player.  Individuals that are younger or older may be asked to not participate and simply observe.


Although the primary focus has always been creating fun and exciting game play, Fort Collins Youth Battle Gamers also exists to cultivate young people in the following areas:


Each youth and parent is asked to read and initialize the FCYBG Behavior and Responsibilities document.  This document lays out the basic expected behaviors of each player in the game including:

Play at Own Risk

As with all sports activities there is always the risk of injury.  Organizers of FCYBG have worked to minimize the risk, but cannot eliminate it.  Parents (or guardians) must sign a waiver acknowledging this risk and agreeing to be responsible for medical treatment of their child should an accident occur.

No youth may play without a waiver with emergency contact info and conduct agreement signed by a parent or guardian.  Parents are encouraged to come by and meet organizers instead of simply sending their child with paperwork.

This is Sport

This is a sports activity not babysitting.  If a child is being disruptive and is uninterested in participating, the parent will be called to pick up the child immediately.  If the child is unwilling to play by the conduct agreement, the parent will be called to pick up the child immediately.


FCYBG has a small collection of foam weapons that may be used by new players who wish to try battle gaming.  Players who wish to continue attending must provide their own foam weapons.  Garb is not needed but we encourage garb. Weapons may be purchased at www.edhellen.com (full contact weapons) and www.revelking.comA comprehensive list of Battle Game equipment vendors can be found here. Some players make their own weapons and some players have been making and selling weapons to other players.  All foam weapons will be inspected for safety before the afternoon of game play.  Players who apparently never get around to providing their own equipment may be asked to not return to play until they can provide their own equipment.

Parent Volunteer(s)

FCYBG needs the support of volunteers both on and off the game field.  We have had a number of parents who were willing to assist in organizing the youth and overseeing their activities off of the game field.  We have also been fortunate to have a few assistants aged 19-22 who have helped organized games, train new players, and participated on the game field.  We  could use additional parent volunteer(s) who have an interest in directing play on the game field.  Those who are interested should familiarize themselves with the Battle Gaming book.

Where and When

The Fort Collins Youth Battle Gamers play on Fridays between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM at the Farm at Lee Martinez Park.  Most players are quite tired after two hours of play and that causes skill to decrease, and tempers to rise.  Therefore, game play is strictly limited to two hours and all players are expected to be picked up by 6:30 PM.  Weapons inspection and field setup occurs between 3:50 and 4:10 so it is helpful if players come a little bit early to help setup.
Game play will not take place in the event of heavy rain, snow, or temperatures below 45 F.  Game play will not take place if there is no parent volunteer to oversee the youth and no assistant or parent volunteer to inspect weapons, organize the game play, and deal with any new player arrivals.